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    Professor, what kind of masochist am I?

    Little One,

    After some brief thought, "Approval Masochist" is the best I have come up with. You seek approval from me like another masochist seeks pain ("Pain Masochist", or another seeks humilation ("Humiliation Masochist"). The categories are not exclusive. That is some S&M types tend to be "Pain and Humilation". You are "Approval and Pain".

    - Your Professor

    Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    Schoolgirl Spanking: The Fairchild Way

    For Professor....yes, I finally finished it.....the SMACK! SMACK! scene and all......

    She walks down the path and squints at a series of one story office buildings, scanning for what she thinks could be the main office, the sunlight temporarily blinding her. Smoothing her navy blue skirt and straightening the collar of her white shirt, she blushes slightly, acknowledging several other girls in similar outfits. I can't believe I am actually going to do this!

    She adjusts her back pack on her left shoulder and pulls the itinerary out of her shirt pocket. I have never actually been spanked and have always wanted to.....and now here I am!Shit, I am terrified!

    She rereads the last several paragraphs for the hundredth time. Girls are required to drop their bags off at the Dormitory and change into their uniforms before checking in. All students are required to check in at the Main Office, located in Building B, between 9 and 10am.

    Students are encouraged to follow uniform specifications as closely as possible as it will add to the realism of the weekend. Various uniform items are available for sale in the Bookstore, located next to the Dining Hall in Building A.

    Uniform Specifications can be found in the Rules and Regulations section of Fairchild's Discipline Charter, provided in the enclosed "New Student" packet.

    The Discipline Charter was authored by Fairchild's Headmaster during the school's inception in 1981 and all students are required to be familiar with the "Fairchild Way" which is explained in detail.

    Classrooms and class times will be assigned during check in and a detailed itinerary of the weekend's activities will also be provided at that time.

    Welcome to Fairchild Young Woman's Academy. We hope you enjoy your weekend!

    She runs her fingers through her long hair and stuffs the letter back in her pocket. If I didnt know any better, I would think they were teenagers on their way to class rather than twenty something year old women participating in a school girl fantasy weekend. This place is unreal!

    Nikki watches a group of "students" walk across the quad in the direction of the Dining Hall.
    Pulling up her knee sock, Nikki runs her hands through her hair again and smiles to herself before heading into the Main Office.

    The door to the building opens and she is greeted by a blast of hot air as she steps into a huge gymnasium like open space, with an island in the center formed by a light wood colored counter top that frames several administrative desks.

    To the right and left of the entrance way, she sees various classrooms and offices. She is given a blue card and is told to join a group of about ten other girls holding similar cards, milling around several neglected looking potted ficus plants.

    There are at least two large groups of students ahead of her group also holding cards of various colors, so Nikki heads over to the ficus-milling group and leans against the wall, examining the rest of her surroundings while she waits.

    The waiting area is large but stifling (what's up with the air conditioning?) with a black and white tiled floor and oversized windows. The woman behind the counter seems pleasant and her voice has a comforting singsong tone that is easy to listen to. The inner island part of the office has several desks and there are two other women busy filing and answering phones. Good grief, this reminds me of my high school!

    She overhears one of the women on the phone talking to a repairman and wiping her sweaty brow with the back of her hand, Nikki assumes the call is about the buildings air conditioning. Or lack thereof! Slipping her bag off her shoulder, she pulls a pack of gum out of one of the pockets and pops a piece in her mouth.

    Damn its like an oven in here!

    The temperature seems to be increasing by the minute and Nikki sighs somewhat impatiently, not really wanting to stand in line in the heat and after several more excrutiating minutes, she grabs her bag and whirls around, intending to head outside for some fresh air.

    Spinning around on her heels to head back out the door, Nikki runs smack into wall OOF! her face instantly buried in cloth. Okay, not a wall. Walls don't wear clothes. People do.

    Stepping back, she has to tilt her head back to get a good look at the "wall" blocking her path. "S,s,sorry about that, I was trying to get outside to get some air," she says, her voice wavering as her eyes meet the those of the rather sternish-looking man in standing in front of her.

    He easily towers over her at a height of over six feet, with a handsome face framed by dark eyes, and a small smile flits briefly across his lips when she begins to stutter. He is dressed casually in a very white long sleeved button down shirt (Fuck! Isnt he hot? Its like 100 degrees in here and the guy isnt even breaking a sweat!) and khaki slacks.

    He rests one hand casually on his hip, and her eyes move from a gold wrist watch on his right hand, to the brown leather belt around his waist, to the pleats on the front of his slacks, to the laces on his rather shiny brown wingtips, before settling back on his face again.

    He studies her expression for a moment, and when he finally speaks, his smooth authoritative voice makes her step back slightly and she fiddles with her thumb, immediately self concious under his steady gaze.

    "Is this a new group of students, Laurel?" he asks the woman behind the counter, his eyes never leaving Nikki's face. "I see that there is a bit of a line and some of the girls seem well, rather restless. Maybe there is something I can do to help occupy their time while they wait to be registered."

    The now harried looking woman behind the counter looks up, relieved. "Yes, Headmaster, if you wouldn't mind. I havent gone over the Discipline Charter with any of the groups in the back, so if you would like to start with one of those groups, it would be a great help." The woman smiles and returns to students at the counter.

    Headmaster?!?!?!?! Nikki groans inwardly and shifts a bit. Of course it would have to be the Headmaster that I nearly plow down. It couldnt be the janitor, or the Poland Springs guy, no...it had to be my new Headmaster. What a way to make an impression on the first day, Nikki. Way to go, you stupid girl! She rolls her eyes and mentally kicks herself.

    Glancing down at the blue card in her hand, and then meeting her eyes again briefly, her new Headmaster turns and calls over to Laurel. "I think I will take the blue group. We will be in Room 6 when you are ready for them. Come along girls, this way, everyone follow me please." Damn!

    Nikki, much to her chargrin, finds herself being herded with the rest of her group into an open classroom to the right of the atrium. Walking in single file, the students fill the desks at the back of the room, leaving the front desks empty.

    Their new Headmaster moves slowly around the room, up and down the spacious aisles and he looks at each of the others students before his eyes wander back to Nikki. They flick briefly down to her mouth and noting her gum, he pulls a small notebook out of his pocket and tears out a sheet before heading in her direction.

    Nikki's heart starts to thump loudly in her chest when she sees him coming. Gulp! She stiffens slightly when he reaches her desk, and then gets a slightly puzzled look when he holds out the small square of paper. "Your gum please," he says, pushing his hand closer to her face.

    She wrinkles her nose and blushes bright red and then takes the gum out, sticking it to the center of the paper. 'Thank you," he says, his voice quiet, and he folds the paper up neatly and tosses it in the trash.

    Turning back toward his students, he leans on Nikki's desk and clears his throat and in a voice, that is at once commanding and polished, yet seemingly effortless, he says matter-of-factly, "I want to welcome you all to Fairchild Young Women's Academy. For the next several days, you ladies will experience firsthand, the day to day life of a student at one of New England's most prestigious private schools for girls. So, for the next hour or so, I am going to prepare you for your stay here so that you understand what is expected of you as the student, and also what you can expect from us, the teaching staff. "

    Nikki stares up at him. "At Fairchild, we firmly committed to getting the best both educationally and behaviorally, from my students by having them learn the "Fairchild Way" ." He pauses and looks around the room.

    She is very aware of his presence as he leans over her desk and continued his lecture. She pushes her back against her chair trying to distance herself from him and she finds it hard to pay attention to what he is saying.

    "Now I know all of you received a copy of the Discipline Charter before arriving here, so you should have no problem answering my next question. Do you know what I mean by learning the "Fairchild Way"?" His eyes roam around the room as he waits for someone to answer his question.

    Several girls shake their heads and several others murmer a confused "No". He stands up straight and places his hands on his hips, and looks around the room again. "Don't be silly. Answer me."

    Nikki looks up and murmers softly, "Getting spanked." He looks down at her. "You are?" Jane Doe? Miss I Am Not Going to Tell You? Uh, Ms. See Ya, I am outta Here! She almost whispers her name, "Nikki...er....Nicole....Nicole Hastings."

    She shifts in her seat and smooths her skirt down over her thighs. "Close, Miss Hastings. I mean corporal punishment, which is more than "getting spanked". There is a difference between the two."

    He looks at the rest of the girls rather severely. "And I would suggest that the rest of you be able to respond when asked a question by a member of the teaching staff while you are here. Quick, thoughful responses will serve your bottoms well." There is murmering and shifting and several of the girls blush and look at the floor.

    He begins to roam around the room, making eye contact with each and every student to be sure they are listening to every word. "The key difference is the word punishment." Nikki glances over to her neighbor who appears confused and whispers softly, "He means that spanking doesnt have to be punishment."

    The sharp tone of his voice makes her jump. "Miss Hastings." He is standing in front of her with two long strides and he plants his hands on her desk, his body looming over her, his voice low and steely. "You will report to my office before dinner this evening for a private demonstration of exactly what "corporal punishment" is. There is no wispering in my classroom."

    Nikki pales and her throat goes dry. She looks at him, her eyes wide, her face contorted into a sort of horrified grin. She nods several times and says "Yes Sir."

    He stands up again and this time his voice is calm, matter of fact. "And consider yourself warned, Miss Hastings. If you repeat this type of behavior in class again, you will be told to stand up and come to the head of the class for a more "public demonstration. Is that understood, Young Lady?"

    Nikki nods numbly, her stomach churning and she swallows down the bile that has risen up into her throat. Spanked before dinner! Shit! I have been here just over an hour and I have already earned myself a spanking! Good God! My first ever! She clutches at her stomach and goes slightly green as she tries not to think about what is going to happen in a couple of hours.

    He watches her process the fact that she just earned herself a spanking, carefully. Normally, he might have considered giving a new student a warning for the first offense especially since she couldnt have gotten to Fairchild any more than an hour or two ago, and earning a trip to the Headmaster's Office that soon after arrival could be too much for some. He senses that the girl sitting in front of him needs a more authoritative approach, however.

    Looking up at the rest of the room, he gives Nikki's desk a little shake. "Miss Hastings is once again correct. Naughty and disrespectful, but correct. "Getting spanked" is not necessarily punishment, as I am sure all of you are very aware." He pauses and watches his students squirm with embarassment.

    "Punishment means that you did something wrong and need to be taught how to behave. That means there is a lesson along with "getting spanked", he looks down at Nikki meaningfully as he says the his few words, "and for a good Fairchild girl, a good dose of shame. I hope this is understood."

    Nikki blanches and stares at her desk. Kill me. Kill me now and put me out of my misery before I die of fright right here at my desk. I can see the headlines now, "Woman dies during classroom lecture and *not* of boredom! Details at 11"

    He glances up as Laurel pokes her head in. "I am ready for them now. Thanks for the help Headmaster. I trust they understand the "Fairchild Way"?" Laurel grins widely and motions for the students to follow her.

    Run away! Concentrate on gathering your stuff and leaving before he decides to whack now and not wait till later! Nikki gathers up her book bag and slides out of her seat, intent on putting as much distance between herself and her new Headmaster as possible, but as she reaches the door, she feels his hand on her arm.

    She nearly jumps out of her skin when he reaches out and takes hold of her arm, preventing her from leaving. No please! No! I don't want to be spanked! I dont! She slowly turns to face him and is slightly surprised to be greeted by a kindly looking face instead of the stern countenance she was expecting.

    "Miss Hastings, my office is down the hall to the right of the atrium," he begins mildly, noting the fear in her eyes. He loosens his grip on her arm, but does not let go, choosing to leave his hand on her, for reassurance.

    Oh fuck, I am going to cry. No crying Nikki, for god's sake! You wanted to come here! He sees her eyes fill up with tears and her bottom lip start to tremble, and he frowns slightly. She is more afraid than I thought. Actually, she looks terrified. Maybe I misjudged her need. He watches as she tries to quickly wipe tears away with the back of her hand and then she looks at him almost defiantly, her trembling lip replaced with a stiffer one.

    His expression softens as he notes her attempt at false bravado she looks like a scared little girl! and he kneels down a bit, getting closer to her level. "Have you ever been spanked before, Nikki?" he asks, his voice soft. She shakes her head and stammers "N,n,n,no. B, b,b,but I have always wanted to. That's why I am here." She blushes darkly, and looks away, embarassed that she is so honest with a complete stranger.

    "I see," he says as he puts his finger under her chin and lifts, forcing her to look at him. "Then, I will see you in my office at 5pm sharp for your first spanking. Don't be late Nikki, understood?" His voice is kind and so are his eyes.

    She smiles slightly and nods, feeling all of seventeen. He returns her smile and then taking her shoulders in both hands, he turns her so that she is facing the door. Lifting the back of her skirt, he whispers "Good girl," in her ear and then applies a sharp SMACK! to her pantied bottom, before sending her on her way. "5 pm, Nikki. I will see you then."

    Nikki spends the rest of her day in her own head. She is distracted, her thoughts wandering back to her upcoming visit to the Headmaster's office. Will it hurt? Will I cry? What will he use to spank me with? Will he pull down my panties? Her mind races with questions and she picks at her lunch listlessly, unable to eat due to the ever expanding pit in her stomach.

    She watches the clock no matter where she is. The clock on the chaple, its large black hands seeming to move at a rapid clip against the whiteness of the clock's face as she scurries to a "Welcome students" assembly across the quad. She nervously fidgets with her watch band, her thumb rubbing the small clasp that keeps the watch on her wrist.

    At 4 o clock, she is pacing back and forth nervously in her room, her stomach doing flip flops. At 4:50, Nikki finds herself sitting on the wooden bench just outside the Headmasters Office, clenching and unclenching her hands into small fists.

    He tells her to wait there until he comes to get her. She strains to listen to what he is doing behind the closed door, but manages to only hear a shuffle or a thump every once in a while. The clock on the wall in front of her clicks. It clicks and clicks as each minute passes.

    Nikki folds her hands on her lap. She crosses and uncrosses her legs. Why am I so nervous? I can do this! How bad can it be? She runs her finger through her hair nervously, her fingertips shaking slightly. I am going to be spanked. Spanked! In 6 minutes! She smoothes her skirt, picking at imaginary.

    How much will it hurt? I am going to suffocate, I know it. My throat is going to close up and I am going to die right here. I can see the headlines now, "Woman dies during bare bottomed spanking, details at 11"

    She struggles not to laugh nervously to herself as her panic builds. Her heart thumps in her chest and fine beeds of sweat form in a line on her forehead, her cheeks flushed, her eyes flitting to the clock and then back down to her skirt.

    The big hand of the clock on the wall moves to the 12 and the office door opens. Nikki is unable to look up. She sees the shiny browm shoes approach, and stop in front of her. His slacks are cuffed Hmm...tailored, maybe? She studies the way they fall just right on the tops of his shoes, his laces covered just enough. What kind of shoes could those be?

    He clears his throat and waits. Her eyes move away from his shoes, slowly working themselves up his leg, past his knee, his thigh, up, up, and stop. His hands are perched on his waist, fingertips slightly grazing the leather belt.

    She chews her lip. Is that for holding his pants up or whipping bottoms? She wants to laugh outloud. Her heart thumps so loud that she is sure she can hear it.

    "Nikki," he says softly. "Follow me please" Hell no! I am staying right here, safe on my bench, never to move again. The headlines float through her mind. "Girl dies while sitting on bench. Film at 11" I am cracking up, I know it. Its off to the loony bin with you Nikki girl! You and your freshly spanked bottom.....

    She watches helpless as her body moves on its own, getting up off the bench, moving on legs that just cant be her own into the office, finding a seat in front of the oversized mahogany desk that dwarfs the space of the room.

    The rug is a deep blue, and the desk looks early 19th century, Antiquing Nikki? Cripes, girl! Get a grip! with its finely carved details around the base of the desk, and she stares at the stark contrast between the dark, oiled wood and the fluffy softness of the rug. What am I doing here?

    "Nikki, look at me," His voice is still soft, but firm and she reluctantly pulls her eyes away from the rug and brings them up to meet his. His eyes are kind. "Nikki, you are here because you are going to be punished. Can you tell me why I am going to spank you?"

    Her throat closes up. Here it is, death by lecture. I wont even die during the actual spanking. I am going to die of fright beforehand, the answer to his question on my lips.....

    Nikki stares at him. She closes her eyes and when she opens them again, and speaks, her voice is small. "For talking in class?" She kicks her legs back and forth nervously, her feet not quite meeting the ground. He hands dance across her lap, fiddling with the hem of her skirt, nervously pushing the hair out of her eyes.

    He nods, "Yes, for talking in class. While at Fairchild, I expect that my girls will have an appropriate academic attitude so that they may make the most of their academic experience. This includes coming to class prepared, having homework done and being attentive in class. Whispering to a fellow student is not being attentive."

    He looks at her for a moment and then retrieves a small leather bound book from his desk. "Come here, Nikki, I want you to read something." No! I wont! I am staying right here, this large desk between you and my butt. Forget it. Nope Nope Nope!

    She gets up, her legs unsteady, and walks around the desk to stand at his side, her thigh grazing his pant leg, her body screaming at her to just walk back out the door and get in her car to go home.

    "Read this outloud please." His finger rests in the middle of the page, in the middle of a paragraph, at the beginning of #36 Academic Attitude:

    "A Fairchild girl comes to class mentally prepared to participate in the class and get the most out of it. This includes both having done background work assigned by the teacher, having done homework assignments completely and well, being attentive, and maintaining an attitude that facilitates learning. Failure to do so will be.......be........uh....will be....... punished"

    She whispers the last word, her ears beginning to ring. She feels like she has been punched in the stomach and struggles to breath normally. Eep!

    He studies her carefully as she reads and he literally sees her pulse quicken while staring at her bare neck, a small spot just under her jaw throbbing. He notices her trembling voice, the way she begins to draw her shoulders in, trying to make her body smaller, attempting to disappear. He casually moves his chair even closer to her, exerting his presence on her, knowing that she is aware of how close he is and watches her cheeks flush a darker crimson.

    When she is finished, he gets up, not wanting to prolong her agony any longer. This is her first spanking and he wants it to be memorable but not torturous. Speaking calmly as he moves around the room, he pulls the straight back chair that he uses just for this purpose out of the corner and sets it in the middle of the room.

    "Yes, Nikki. Failure to comply results in punishment, and here at Fairchild, punishment is almost always corporal. I believe in spanking girls who break the rules. A well spanked bottom does wonders for naughty behavior and over the last several years, I think........"

    Flee! Flee! I cant do this. I cant. I cant breathe. Oh my god, he really is going to spank me!
    Nikki watches as he moves the chair and then sits in it, rolling up his sleeve as his mouth moves, words coming out, but Nikki cant hear them because her heart is pounding so loudly now that she is sure it will burst at any minute.

    His slacks come up slightly as he sits, exposing the shiny shoes Damn, they are shiny! and all of the laces. She tries to count the number of eyelets on each shoe from where she is standing. Tell me folks, just *how many* eyelets does it take to hold the laces of a Headmaster who spanks? Closest guess is a winner! I am cracking up.

    "...and so really, a spanking is most effective on a bare bottom. Nikki over to this side, pull down your panties and lift your skirt please." Her jaw drops. What did he just say? Bare? Here? Bottom? She stares at him open mouthed and time stands still. She swallows hard to keep from ruining his lovely blue rug with the remnants of her half eaten ceasar salad.

    His lips are still moving, but she cant hear him. I am deaf. Either that or I am the star of a silent movie. Candid camera? Candid camera for the deaf? He is looking at her. He leans forward, and beckons her over. What did he say? I didnt hear you! What?

    She is moving toward him slowly, her feet scuffing against the carpet. Wait! Wait! Im not ready! What did you say? I didnt hear you! She is standing next to him, her fingers in the waistband of her panties. Noooooo!!! I dont want to do this! Nooo!

    She slides her panties down to her knees and lifts the back of her skirt, her eyes never leaving his face. I am going to get spanked. Spanked. Spanked. Spanked. Spanked. Spanked. Spanked. Spanked.

    He is pulling her over his knee, her hands are flat against the soft blue carpet. Wow! This is a lovely carpet. His hand rests firmly on her lower back. She knows he is still talking but she can't hear him and she begins counting and recounting the eyelets on his right shoe....then his left. Eight. Eight holes for laces. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!


    She jumps at the sound, and blinks slowly as her body registers the sting of palm against flesh. "Nikki, I am going to soundly spank your bottom for whispering in my classroom. You are about to experience what a real spanking feels like, Young Lady." I can hear! I can hear him!

    She feels his hand on her back, her legs up in the air, unable to touch the ground. Her bottom is propped high on his knee, his strong thighs press into her belly. She feels the cool breeze caress the bareness of her skin and she notices the blood rushing into her face and head as he tips her farther forward.


    She winces slightly, concentrating on the sensation. The smacks fall steadily, gradually increasing in force until she is squirming on his lap. It stings! This last thought runs through her mind before she turns her attention completely to the situation at hand, her usually frantic brain finally quiet, finally peaceful.


    He begins to spank her bottom crisply, his hand landing on the fleshiest part of her cheeks first, alternating from the left to the right, peppering it with stinging smacks. He concentrates on reddening the entire area, his tempo never changing, but the force gradually increasing until he feels her start to squirm.

    He lectures quietly as he spanks, his voice calm and authoritative, the words coming out in a steady stream the entire time she is over his lap. "You have needed this Nikki. Your bottom should have been spanked a long time ago, and I am going to make sure that while you are here at my school, you are spanked hard and often."


    He moves to the lower parts of her cheeks, paying extra attention to her sit spots and the lower points where her botom meets the upper part of her thighs. He holds her steady with his other hand as she begins to wiggle more violently, her legs kicking out straight and her torso almost wriggling of his lap.

    She kicks and bucks as the stinging moves lower and then begins at the tops of her thighs. Ouch! God that hurts! The warmth begins to turn into a sting and the stings begins to grow until it is uncomfortable. She moves and jerks, almost falling off his lap and he suddenly stops, and she thinks it is finally over.

    She feels him lift her up slightly, and then one of his legs is pinning her legs down, and she realizes with horror that she is now scissored in between his legs, unable to move. "Noooo please! I have had enough! Please!" Her words come out strangled and frantic as he continues spanking her bottom, harder and faster than before, the sting growing from uncomfortable to unbearable.


    He brings his palm down harder and faster, smacking each cheek over and over again, turning her bottom from pink to red in a matter of minutes. "I will determine when you have had enough, Young Lady. And you have not had nearly enough yet." He punctuated each word with a stinging slap before returning to his previous punishing tempo, the smacks falling even harder.

    "Why are you being spanked Young Lady?" He asks, slapping the very tops of her thighs again, illiciting a small yelp and gasp from her. He waits for her answer and uses one hand to lift her right cheek so that he can slap under her creased area hard.

    She gasps and squirms, her body shaking and her bottom burning. She grips one of the rungs of his chair and bites on her lip hard when his palm lands on her thigh again, leaving a stinging, burning imprint.

    "For....talking....in....class!" She gasps and her voice gets shrill as he spanks the crease in between her cheek and thigh. "I am sorry! Please! I will be good! Honest!" He words come out rapidly as she begs like a naughty school girl. He eyes fill with tears as the sting becomes to much and she struggles in vain to escape his relentless palm.


    He nods in approval at her answer and spanks even her even harder and faster, his hand resting on her back, feeling for chnages in her breathing while he listens for the familiar sound of a remorseful school girl beginning to cry.

    "Yes, for talking in class. Disrupting a class is disrespectful and naughty. And disrespectful and naughty girls get their bottoms spanked until they become remorseful and crying girls, Nikki. He continues to spank her hard, his hand landing methodically on each cheek, concentrating on changing the red to a darker, angrier red.

    "P,P,P,Pleaseeeee!!! That hurtttsssss!!! Please stoppppp! I am sorryyyy!!!! I am so sorryyyy!!!!" Nikki begins to choke and sputter, begging him to stop. Her bottom is on fire and she can't take the pain anymore.

    Her head is filled with the stinging senation of the unrelenting slaps and she begins to cry hard, her whole shaking. The tears run down her face, landing in a small wet spot that forms on the blue crapet in between her palms. She can't think of anything but her stinging bottom and she finally gives in, lying there limply as he continues to spank.

    He feels her remorse before he hears it and he continues to spank until she finally gives in and is crying more than she is struggling. Giving her two final hard smacks on each cheek, he stops, his fingers sliding across her hot flesh tenderly as she sobs. He waits for her breathing to slow a bit before helping her up and putting a finger under her chin, he forces her face up gently, to stare in her tear filled eyes.

    "No more talking in class, Nikki. Do you understand?" He looks at her kindly now, pushing her hair out of her eyes with his fingertips, allowing them to caress her cheek for a moment before he returns them to her chin. She nods, her face streaked with tears, nibbling on her bottom lip, looking very much like the contrite and well spanked school girl that she was. "Yes Sir." Her voice is small and soft. He nods and smiles. "Yes, I think you do understand."

    He looks at her for a few moments more before taking her hand and leading her over to the empty corner almost directly in front of his chair behind the mahoganey desk. Placing his hand on her lower back, he guides her into the corner.

    Gripping both her hands in his, he helps place them on her head while whispering, "You are to spend time in the corner thinking about what you did, Nikki. Post punishment reflection is almost important as the punishment itself." He hears her begin to cry again and he strokes her hair softly before tucking her skirt firmly in her waistband again, exposing her very read bottom and then returning to the large pile of work on his desk.

    She cries softly, feeling true remorse. Strangly enough, she also feels at peace and very calm. There is no guilt about her behavior. I did it! No longering bad thoughts about herself for her disrespectfulness in class.

    When she lets her mouth get away from her in her real life, she usually spends days with a funky feeling deep inside, unable to shake the fact that she was naughty and impulsive. I actually did it! Woo! Hoo!

    She doesnt have those feelings now however. She has been spanked and is forgiven. She smiles and cries at the same time. Good lord, you are a mess! A well spanked mess at that. My first spanking. My first spanking indeed......

    Looking at the clock, he notes the time. He watches her shoulders shake while she cries in the corner, and looking thoughtful, he picks up the phone on the desk. "Yes? Connect me to the Dining Hall please. Yes, thank you. Hi. Yes, I am working late again I am afraid. Dinner in my office please..... yes, that will be fine. It is almost 6pm now, so 6:30 you say? Fine, that will be fine. Just have him bring it to my office. Thanks. Um...just one more thing.... make that dinner for two. Yes, two."

    He glances up at Nikki in the corner again while he talks. "I have a dinner guest tonight. Oh, no....tell him not to go out of his way. A simple meal is more than adequate." He smiles slightly. "No, this is definitely not a formal thing. I wouldnt even call it a sit down dinner."