Me: A Naughty One

I am an ordinary spanko girl, a wanna be rock star. A girl who plows through life at breakneck speeds armed only with her cape, a girl who never cries when she falls down.

Once quoted: "Now that's enough to make any spanko swoon!"

Him: The Professor

He is a high socked, strict, very swoony and academically inclined, adult male authority figure with a passion for administering hard but caring spankings to bright, creative, and impulsive naughty girls that need to learn discipline.

Once quoted: "I determine fair, Young Lady"

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    Erotic Spanking Sex Site

    Professor, what kind of masochist am I?

    Little One,

    After some brief thought, "Approval Masochist" is the best I have come up with. You seek approval from me like another masochist seeks pain ("Pain Masochist", or another seeks humilation ("Humiliation Masochist"). The categories are not exclusive. That is some S&M types tend to be "Pain and Humilation". You are "Approval and Pain".

    - Your Professor

    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    Bored and Grounded, So Go Ahead...Explicate Me

    I am grounded. From Friday until next Wednesday:

    "I have decided that since you lied so that I would not take chat away, the most fitting punishment to add to the sound spanking that you have coming, is to take away chat. You have tonight (Thursday) to say goodbye and then you are off chat until Wednesday of next week (Fri-Wednesday inclusive). It should make for a productive Columbus Day weekend... You are well aware that you are to adhere to both the letter and intent of my punishments. Thus it goes without saying that your punishment means no excessive email, phone, or IM either. Some email and phone (e.g.with me) is OK......"

    My cyber social life has been brought to a screaming halt for the next several days and I am already bored. Its the idea of being restricted really. I hate the idea of it and so I am totally bored.

    I suppose I could be doing something productive.....productive???

    I have learned to knit recently and could be working on what I refer to as a chenille scarf, and what Study Boy refers to as "Errr....some sort of hamster warmer? Do we have a hamster hon? Are we getting a hamster and I just forgot we were?"

    Okay, I am sure there are other productive things I could be doing besides knitting winter clothing for rodents.

    But I don't want to. I am pretty productive all day. This is supposed to be my down time. Because chat isn't all that productive either. It is supposed to be fun....like watching a movie, or playing fusball.....sort of a recreational time waster.

    Productive while being punished? Hell no! No freaking way

    Nope....instead I am determined to substitute one recreational time waster for another:

    Welcome to Night One of "The Adventures of a Grounded Naughtyopath". In tonight's episode, our super hero will endure the trials and tribulations of self explication by hitting the information super highway in search of makeshift amateur template quizzes. Quizilla here I go!!

    ~Okay, so I am a bit truculent about being grounded. I don't know why. I deserve to be punished and I am very aware of that fact.....and yet at the moment, I am determinedly focused on NOT being productive for the duration just because I can. Its my rebellion....its my way of saying, I can't chat and its not fair but I don't have to have a productive Columbus Day weekend either, so there.

    How totally juvenile. But I guess I have the next six days (SIX freaking days!) to get over it. Good grief.

    Am I the only one who gets like this? Does everyone else take their punishments maturely and gracefully?

    It is like this reaction is just par for the course. Through this whole thing I have acted like some errant teenager. I lied to be able to hang out with some friends, then lied to cover up the first lie, and got in trouble. And now here I am whining about it being not fair. But still. SIX freaking days???

    Speaking of, any ideas in the "recreational time wasting" category would be most appreciated. I have a lot of time to waste in the next SIX freaking days.

    You're a sporty tom boy. That's not a bad thing. You're friendly, competitive, athletic, and you love to have fun. You attract a lot of guy friends and make many girls jealous. Don't pay attention to them. A lot of boys might think you are aggressive and might be intimidated. Don't worry, show them the other side of you that makes people so attracted to your fun personality. You also are a perfectionist. You have to be good at everything. But please don't stress yourself out. You're just fine the way you are.

    Your Beauty lies in Individuality. Different, amazing, and all your own. You like be set apart from all others and most love that you do. You are solitary at times, but for the most part, there is no greater compliment to you than someone telling you that you are different. You're most likely a bit of a fighter and you hate it when anyone attempts to change who you are. You wear what you want, look how you want and don't let anyone tell you what do to. You can be a little immature at times and have trouble dealing with authority and asking others for help. You like to do things yourself and are independent almost to a fault. But, people still find your individuality amazing and the fact that no matter what happens or what anyone else anyone thinks about it, you will not change who you are.
    Element: Dark, Fire Animal: White Tiger Color: Bold Colors, Odd Colors Expression: Smirk
    Mythological Creature: Phoenix, Dragon Planet: Pluto Hair Color: Unnatural Colors
    Quote: "You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the same."

    My inner child is sixteen years old today

    Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while adults might just accept that, I know something's gotta change. And it's gonna change, just as soon as I become an adult and get some power of my own.

    What is your element? brought to you by Quizilla

    Light element

    Your element is Light. Your heart is pure and shining with love. You believe in the goodness of those around you and give almost everyone a smile. You are not the kind to hide your happiness and tend to smile all day long, both in and out. But when sadness hits you, you become very devastated and may be upset for quite some time. What you need in your life is friends, friends who will love you unconditionally, like you love them. But you
    have a naive nature and don't always notice when someone is trying to hurt you. Some would say you are oblivious to mean people, which makes you an easy target. However, your true friends will probably be there for you and save you. In school you are either the popular one or the little weird one. It all depends if "the higher people" find your caring side irritating or not. Nevertheless, you have a bubbly personality and are social. Big parties may not be your thing since you want bonding time with your friends, so slumber-parties fit you more. You like the happy things in life and like everyone else to be as happy as you are.

    What Type of Soul Do You Have ? brought to you by Quizilla


    You're a natural born trouble-maker. You hate authority and do everything you can to get around the law, or in some cases, break it. Naturally stubborn, you hardly ever sway once a decision is made. Your nature is fiery and courageous, and always out-going. You love attention and usually have kinky fetishes you're not afraid to explore. People either love you or hate you.


    You can sense lies. Whenever you're involved in a conversation, or even eavesdropping on one, you can sense whenever someone there is lying. This can work as a benefit many times, but it may also hurt you.

    What Sign of Affection Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

    playing footsie

    Footsie! - you like to goof around and laugh with the people you care about.

    What type of spanking are you about to receive? brought to you by Quizilla

    Schoolroom Spanking

    Okay, that's it. You have been warned about acting up in my class. That will be ten strokes with the cane in front of the entire class. Now get up here, pull up your skirt and bend over the desk, Young Lady!

    What's Your Kink? brought to you by Quizilla


    You're what psychologists call a masochist. And what kinksters affectionately call a Pain Slut!! Your battle cry is "Hurt me! Hurt me! Hurt me soooo good!!!" Have fun you Endorphin Junkie, and buy stock in bandaids.

    What Kind of Smile are You? brought to you by Quizilla


    You're the smirk,a frown-smile hybrid that's a little bit cocky and usually associated with evil or arrogant,but attractive people.You probably just don't give a damn, do you?

    What kind of kiss are you? brought to you by Quizilla


    You have a surprise kiss! Your partner is always pleasantly pleased to have you jump out of nowhere to surprise them with a fun peck on the cheek or more passionate embrace. Super markets and work places are your favorite places to attack your loved one with all your love.

    What genre of rock are you?brought to you by Quizilla

    Franz Ferdinand

    Indie rock! You're my most favorite type of music... Your music channels lots of emotion. On the top it seems simple, but underneath there's always a deep meaning... As your name you're independent from most of music! Stay that way! Good on you! There's so much variation in your style...from deep and thoughtful like The Stills, to happy go lucky like Belle & Sebastian, to dancy and catchy Franz Ferdinand, and back to boogie down Hot
    Hot Heat and The Rapture...