Me: A Naughty One

I am an ordinary spanko girl, a wanna be rock star. A girl who plows through life at breakneck speeds armed only with her cape, a girl who never cries when she falls down.

Once quoted: "Now that's enough to make any spanko swoon!"

Him: The Professor

He is a high socked, strict, very swoony and academically inclined, adult male authority figure with a passion for administering hard but caring spankings to bright, creative, and impulsive naughty girls that need to learn discipline.

Once quoted: "I determine fair, Young Lady"

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    Erotic Spanking Sex Site

    Professor, what kind of masochist am I?

    Little One,

    After some brief thought, "Approval Masochist" is the best I have come up with. You seek approval from me like another masochist seeks pain ("Pain Masochist", or another seeks humilation ("Humiliation Masochist"). The categories are not exclusive. That is some S&M types tend to be "Pain and Humilation". You are "Approval and Pain".

    - Your Professor

    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    Chasing the Burn

    I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't had much of a mojo lately. Spanking mojo I mean. I think it is a combination of things. My last session with Professor was very intense both physically and emotionally, and the high it left has hung around for quite a while. There is nothing like a complete reset to quiet one's need for all things spanking.

    Also, to be honest, I have been tired. My best pal K, otherwise known as "Evil Trainer Guy", is a personal trainer and has been working with yours truly, otherwise known as "Silly Masochist Girl". I have a fitness goal in mind and stupidly, I asked Evil Trainer Guy to help.

    He does those Boot Camp Fitness programs that always seem to take place on the beach at 5 am and involve a lot of sweating.....and crying....and pain. And he is doing one with me.....one on one.....and I have committed to doing it until January 1st. I know. I am insane.

    And Evil is a Sadist. I am confident in my assessment...especially after experiencing firsthand, the whole "boot camp fitness" craze. And most certainly after Week 1.......a whole week of the "twice a day running routine"......which for me, has consisted of a lot of eye bulging, side clutching, gasping valiantly for air while stumbling and wheezing my way up my umpteenth hill.......desperately trying to drown out Evil's seemingly endless string of military like commands in his stern but oh so NOT winded voice, with my too loud mp3 player.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, I have been in bed by 8pm and that hasn't left much time for even thinking about kink stuff, nevermind writing about it and so I haven't posted much.

    On a seemingly unrelated note (although I do have a point here, I promise!), I started my Christmas shopping. I started my Christmas shopping in earnest this week in an attempt to, for the first time, swagger into the Christmas season, head held high and spirit light, confident in the knowledge that, unlike frantic past shopping years, I am ahead of the holiday gift buying game. I have spent too many years standing in lines on December 24th as a direct result of my penchant for procrastination. Not this year though. This year I am shopping early.

    This year, I am going to be one of those way over the top, obnoxiously organized holiday people, complete with my finished shopping list, my mailed early Christmas cards, my house appropriately wreathed and bowed all before Dec. 5th.

    I may even make time to whip up some sort of appropriately festive food concoction that I can wrap in foil and personally deliver to the neighbors. Yup. Early and organized for the holidays.....and it starts with the two gifts I purchased today. Well, so far so good I think.

    Anyway, in my quest for Early and Obnoxiously Organized for the Holidays world domination, I have been looking for hot sauce. Yes, hot sauce. Study Boy is a bit of a chili head and so, as a stocking stuffer, I have been perusing the cyber culinary byways on the hunt for the perfect hot sauce.

    While moving from hot sauce site to hot sauce site as directed by Google, strangely enough, I began to feel more and more spanko. Even in my Evil induced state of exhaustion, the jump start to my spanking mojo became so hard to ignore, that I found myself idly surfing spanko sites.

    Why the sudden mojo itch? Maybe the following excerpts written by self professed "chili heads" on a hot sauce forum will shed some light:

    ~nice and tangy, just enough burn to satisfy......

    ~I love the runny nose, tingling tongue and brow-sweat that creeps up on you......

    ~.....we continued eating the Atomic wings and you knew you had died and were in endorphin heaven. There were exclamations of Holy Cow!, Holy Sh--! My forehead was starting to glisten and the nape of my neck was sweating. It didn't matter a lot because you couldn't eat just one. Your lips went numb and tingly and there was a lot of lip smacking going on. Someone asked if it was possible to get extra points during the wing eating contest for smacking lips.........

    ~It does not overpower, but it does add quite a bit of heat that slowly builds up to a very pleasing glow.....

    ~.........which leads me to the third noticeable point; the heat. While the first thing you notice is the sweetness, it slowly transforms into an increasing heat which make your whole body warmer and your face glow.

    ~Definitely a solid medium level of heat that sneaks up on you and keeps you warm for a while.

    ~.....this heat, which never overwhelms, lingers. It does start off slow and low but rather rapidly warms up to a wonderful palatable warmth.....

    ~....for pros only. No amateurs please. It is one of the hottest and it does not hesitate. No slow buildup here. It is extreme at the outset....

    ~At first it didn't start off so bad. Then, the heat started to creep. The creep became a trot and then a galloping, raging, unquenchable fire that seemed like it couldn't get any worse, but it did, and I thought it would go on forever......

    And my initial reaction when I finished reading?

    Uh, yeah....these people are freaks. Chili heads? Chili freaks are more like it.....they analyze the type of burn they get for cripes sake......food masochists is what they are.....chili heads?....they sound more like.......um......wow...they sound like spankos.....they sound like me.......heyyyyyyy.....endorphin rush....chasing the burn........they ARE masochists.....and they are here on this forum basking in the afterglow!

    I have read descriptions on various spanking blogs that was very similar. Heck, I wrote a description about a caning that sounds very similar to that last chili excerpt in fact! So I continued reading, with a spanko perspective rather than a hot sauce seeker's perspective and a little further down in the archives, I found an article that had the following quotes:

    "There's an addiction," Ryan said. "We're looking for the sweat, the race in heartbeat. You can feel the endorphins. We're like junkies. We get a rush."

    To illustrate, Ryan poured some Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce into a teaspoon and with a mad glint in his eye, gulped it down. For a moment he looked in shock.

    "My mood is elevated," he observed. "My mouth is totally on fire. Now my eyes are watering, and getting red. OK. There's the sweat." He started breathing heavily. "Whooh!" he gasped. Then in a strangled voice, he said, "Oh, that's great. Now, my nose is starting to run."

    My reaction?

    Wow. Suddenly I don't feel so alone as a spanko in a predominately vanilla world. I have found my cousin...the chili head......the enjoyer of spicy food. Are there more family members out there that I don't know about? If we all got together at a family reunion, what would we talk about? How much does a spanko have in common with someone who likes spicy food? We both seem to be on a chase to feel the burn at least....what's that all about?

    Spank horny and intrigued, I did some research, and here are my initial findings:

    Chasing the burn with spicy food and spanking:

    Spicy foods and spankings result in a person feeling warm and tingly (sometimes numb), with an overall feeling of well being...a craving for more.....and eventually a need for "hotter" or "harder". Why?


    Endorphins are opiods (morphine like) that occur naturally in your brain. When your central nervous system is assaulted with painful stimulus or stressed muscles (like in exercise or really good sex), your brain releases endorphins as a natural analgesic, or pain killer. The more consistent the pain, the more endorphins released.

    When you eat spicy food or get spanked regularly, your brain is trained to release a large amount of endorphins to overcome the pain that is delivered to your mouth....or bottom. This is what gives you the "endorphin high" (just like an opiate high....like heroin for example, without the painful comedown). The high is an actual response to the release of the endorphin.

    Eating spicy foods, having great sex , or getting spanked......why does your body release a natural analgesic during something pleasurable like sex as well as in painful situations? Endorphins are released to alleviate pain in stressed muscles. Really good sex is definitely a form of exertion, and physical exertion causes stress on your muscles, causing an endorphin release, etc.

    Intense pleasure also relates to pain; Either in pain or pleasure, we have all had moments when we feel like it's just too much, and its never going to stop and often times endorphins are released as a coping mechanism. And, while some people release endorphins during orgasm, others do so from non-climactic over-stimulation.

    Hmm.....that has shades of the "Is spanking sexual or non-sexual" question.....maybe it can really be just about the "rush" for some of us....


    They reduce pain and anxiety and increase the feeling of well being. They stimulate the immune system, and they help you learn. They reduce appetite for drug and alcohol seeking behavior. Endorphins enhance our immune system, have anti-aging effects, are anti-stress hormones, and help improve your memory.

    And just think....you can get all that and more from getting spanked *or* eating Indian food.

    Think about that the next time you are sitting in a Mexican or Thai restaurant with a vanilla while they ramble on and on about their spicy food "addiction", their eyes watering and their nose running, and how they just can't seem to get enough of the burn.......and you can nod knowingly, with a big smile and honestly say, "Oh, I understand......cousin."